Home Catechesis

Home Catechesis

Passing on the Faith within the Home

Home Catechesis

Our Mission

We seek to witness to God’s work within the process of the apostolic faith of the Church being passed on within the home in a way that brings the family closer to Christ. Whether between spouses, parent and child, or godparent and godchild, intentionally sharing the faith in word and deed within the home is the mission of the Church that the domestic church shares.


Fun-Fact-Faith Game

Three Catholic Games in One: Trivia, Charades, and Who Am I?

What’s New?


  • Video on Infant Baptism
    I previously shared a podcast episode on infant Baptism. Here is a video version of that episode:
  • The Family & The Baptism of the Lord
    7 ideas for your family’s celebration of the Baptism of the Lord!
  • Podcast: Infant Baptism
    While many of us have grown up with the practice of baptizing infants, others have not. Since the Protestant Anabaptists there has been a growth in views for why infants shouldn’t be baptized and some secularists/materialists have also weighed in as well. In this podcast episode you will find the biblical reasons for…

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