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Planning for Lent as a Family

What is your family doing this Lent? This post explores the idea of calling a family meeting to discern how to make Lent a time to be transformed by grace.

Video on Infant Baptism

I previously shared a podcast episode on infant Baptism. Here is a video version of that episode:

Podcast: Infant Baptism

While many of us have grown up with the practice of baptizing infants, others have not. Since the Protestant Anabaptists there has been a growth in views for why infants shouldn’t be baptized and some secularists/materialists have also weighed in as well. In this podcast episode you will find the biblical reasons for…


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About Home Catechesis

Here you will discover the experience, wisdom, and failures of others passing on the faith at home, Home Catechesis. Our contributors are parents, godparents, and grandparents.

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